onpoint-blogIn this day and age most companies have opted to go online. The world has become a global market. What do you do when the public send feedback about your company that is either positive or negative?

With all the information that is out there the public, it is very easy for one to post a comment on your products or services on social media.

According to recent studies, almost 8 out of 10 customers have looked at reviews in order to help them make a decision about whether to purchase a product. Reviews can make or break your brand. Aside from making or breaking your brand, reviews also provide credibility and build trust between the business owner and potential customers.

Here are some tips on how to make your customer reviews work for you:

  1. Always respond to the reviews

Keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand. If possible always try and respond to the review. If you receive positive feedback always ensure you thank the customer. If the review is negative, acknowledge the grievance and encourage them to contact you privately to sort the issue out. The faster you take to reply to their grievance the more reliable you appear.

  1. Respond Professionally

Reviews and responses go a long way towards providing a quick assessment of a company. Always keep it professional. No matter what the feedback is avoid vulgar responses.

  1. Manage the situation

The reason many companies allow reviews on their social media pages is because they want to understand where there is a need for improvement. When you take time to reply to reviews, it assures new visitors that if they encounter an issue they will be sure to receive a reply.

  1. Promote your core values

To help drive conversation, try focusing not just on spreading your value proposition, but highlighting your core values. In fact, forming an emotional connection on shared values is one of the key elements in driving customer loyalty.