Facebook-Marketing-300x141Google has been for a long time been the biggest advertiser of choice for both the larger and smaller organizations. This has been mainly because for a long time that was all that was there. But over the years, as more marketers are getting online and more organizations are investing in digital marketing, more and more options are arising.

Facebook is one of the options. Facebook has reported that they have more than two million advertisers and most of them are small business. You and your brand could be one of the two million. What is good about Facebook is that it makes it easy to place an advert. There are over a billion people using Facebook around the world and the best thing is that Facebook allows you to put up ads that reach any segment of people anywhere in the world.

Tips on coming up with an effective advert

  1. Use of visuals

Pictures speak louder than words. When coming up with your advert, choose an image that can clearly pass your message across. Pictures are the biggest leverage you may have when creating your advert.

  1. Target narrowly

If you are living in Nairobi, target those who are residing in Nairobi. If you are promoting a brand, you will find it more effective to target those who have liked similar brands to yours.

  1. Edit your advert with mobile and tablets in mind.

According to some sources, 60% of Facebook users do so on their phones and their tablets. Facebook mobile adverts earn more than 2.5 times than desktops ads.