HashtagsIn the past, well a few years ago before twitter got incredibly smart, hashtags were used to help find everything in one place. They were originally meant to be a way to categorize things and an easier way to search. These days hashtags are less about the search and more about the context.

Think of it like this: your hashtag is like a roof while all the tweets connected to it make the house. It is the meeting place for all issues on that particular subject.

Using Hashtags

When it comes to using hashtags, you can look at it in different ways, using them in the broader sense and using very specific hash tags. For example: #socialmedia which can be used as a general hashtag and #socialmediaweek is more specific. The #socialmedia can be used to contain content on all things social media while the #socialmediaweek contains content on things pertaining to that particular week.

Okay you might be asking about people who use ridiculous hashtags like #ohmygoshthisweekisgreat. Well, such hashtags do not connect one to a group sharing the same content but they are good for comedic relief.

Hashtags from a business point

  1. Branding purposes: Hashtags can be very effective for branding your image as a company, your ideas and your messages. If you choose to go this route, you need to create a hashtag and stick to it. Consistence is the key.
  2. Connect with a mass group: As a business, you try to grow the reach of your target market. Through the using of hashtags, you are able to reach a mass group. For example if you own or work in a restaurant using #restaurantweek will let the mass group see your content.
  3. Community Building: The hashtag you use (remember you have to be consistent with your hashtag) is like a secret hand shake between you and your clients. Everyone who uses it knows that it is directly linked to you and gives a sense of community.