blog image 27-4.If your email does not get delivered, all the effort you have put in creating the content will not matter.

Recently ISP’S have been forced to tighten their filters due to spam concerns. With bad sender reputation, even legitimate and creative email marketing emails may not reach their intended audience.

So how do you ensure that your emails reach the intended audience? Here are a few pointers you can use when creating your emails.

Ensuring your email is not mistaken for spam.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why emails get blocked, declining deliverability or getting a poor sender score:


  1. Increase in subscriber complaints
  2. IP addresses appearing on blacklists.
  3. Rise in message filtered into spam folder.
  4. Inactive or non permission based e mail addresses.
  5. Old lists or purchased lists.

Tips for Better Email Marketing

  1. Ask for Feedback

This is an interesting way to help users get to know your company.

If you ask for feedback, be genuine and people will respond.

  1. Get personal

Email is a good opportunity for an organization to personalize their brand. Your presence in their inbox can be a great advantage for you. Do your best to write from a human aspect.

  1. Make conversation a habit

It is simple but can have profound results. You can include small conversations into your emails. This can be as simple as ‘Follow us on Twitter on…’


Protect your sender reputation and optimize your email deliverability.