content-marketingAnyone with digital marketing knowledge knows that building great digital presence starts with content. With a foundation based on social media, blogs, guest blogging and email marketing, content is a part of digital marketing that will come in different forms. All these forms will help you build a greater presence on the World Wide Web and help your business to grow. However, in order to achieve this, you need to plan for how you will create and publish your content. Without a good plan, your full potential in marketing on the digital platform will not be reached.

The content you create needs to focus on the foundation it is based on, i.e.) social media, blogging and email marketing, etc. If you really want your content to make a great impact on your target audience, ensure that these areas are well strategized/ planned so that they can match your marketing goals.Many companies with small budgets often combine social media, blogging and email marketing. However, it is advisable that you focus on every digital marketing aspect on its own. For example, create different content for social media, blogs and e-newsletters. If possible, use specialists for each one of these areas. This is because, not only will this help you to avoid publishing monotonous content to your audience, but you will also give each specialist a chance to focus on creating the best strategy for their area. This will bring you a much higher return for your investment than having one plan for all the digital marketing areas.

So, how can you go about the content planning so you can achieve great results on the digital platform?

  1. Strategize- In this plan, lay a foundation for all your marketing efforts that will involve content. For example, compare what your competitors are publishing to what you want to publish. Audit content using industry standards. Without a good content strategy, you’ll just be publishing words for the sake of having activity on your digital platforms. Don’t just throw random text or images out there. Such an approach could mean content failure.
  2. Manage- You can't just create a post, publish it on a digital platform, and expect it to generate tons of awareness, engagement, and sales. You need to put thought and structure behind the content you create and share on social media profiles. Ensure that you know your audience and provide them with content that engages best. Provide value through your content.
  3. Design- So, what does good design and psychology have to do with content marketing? Everything. It plays an extremely important role. So important that it could affect your results and conversions. The better your designer understands core design principles and psychology, the better they can connect with your audience and your potential consumers. They can build off of these core principles and create content designs that evolve and connect with the intended audience.
  4. Curate- Find relevant content and sharing it in a meaningful way. For example, if you do a weekly roundup post, don’t just list article titles and links, instead add the reason why each post is interesting.

Analyze- Taking steps in building a community and engaging on digital platforms might seem hard when you don’t know if your actions are right or wrong. Is your audience responding to your content? Are you finding the right audience? Establishing if the changes you made to your content strategy are heading in the direction you’ve wanted means taking a look at your content analysis.